About Us

Our Vision

StarBox Group’s vision is to leverage our big data alliance and digital marketing technology to disrupt the monopoly large enterprises currently hold on big data collection around the world.

Our Business

StarBox Holdings Bhd (StarBox Group or Group) consists of the following subsidiaries: StarBox Rebates Sdn Bhd, Paybats Sdn Bhd, and StarBoxTV Sdn Bhd. We are building a cash rebate, digital advertising, and payment solution business ecosystem targeting micro, small, and medium enterprises that lack the bandwidth to develop an in-house data management system for effective marketing. Through our subsidiaries in Malaysia, we connect retail merchants with retail shoppers to facilitate transactions through cash rebates offered by retail merchants, provide digital advertising services to advertisers, and provide payment solution services to merchants. Substantially all of our current operations are located in Malaysia.

Our Strategy

The StarBox Group ecosystem builds a centralized repository of data for all users of the cash rebate system, digital advertising, and payment solution business across all participating enterprises. We consider technological innovations to be a critical component of our strategy, allowing us to provide execution at scale and deliver data-driven insights to grow our clients’ businesses.

Furthermore, the Group’s rebates alliance is built to be a cooperative ecosystem that rewards members for the alliance’s growth. Our Group incentivizes members with rebates for each new merchant added to our ecosystem.